Man chasing fly accidentally blows up part of house: report
A man in France was injured Friday after he blew up part of his home while trying to kill a fly with an electric swatter, according to reports. Read More.
Mass outrage erupts at Hobby Lobby after blatant pro-Trump message appears on a store display
Hobby Lobby is under fire after a decidedly pro-Trump display was recently discovered at one of its U.S. stores. Read More.
Arizona Woman Threatens To Shoot Republican Congressman In The Head
U.S. Capitol Police are investigating a woman who made death threats against Republican Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona in a voicemail. Read More.
JOBS JOBS JOBS – The Trump Recovery is the Greatest Recovery Ever – Happy Labor Day USA!
Job numbers released today through the end of August were massive. There was an increase of more than a million jobs! And the unemployment rate dropped to 8.4%, more than 2 points lower than July’s 10.2%! Read More.
Woman Repeatedly Punches Child In Head For Having Pro-Trump Sign: Police Report
Police in Boulder, Colorado, are searching for a woman that allegedly attacked a young boy earlier this week who was riding his bike while carrying a pro-Trump sign. Read More.
The Democrats Hold the Nation Hostage
As America's cities literally burn to ashes and violent crime spikes to its highest level in decades, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party and their media apologists have coalesced around their talking point. "This is happening in Donald Trump's America," they bellow in unison from the command posts of high society. Read More.
Pregnant Australian mother cuffed after she advocates against coronavirus lockdown
A 28-year-old pregnant Australian woman said Thursday she was not aware she had broken any law before she was handcuffed and led away by authorities for allegedly inciting activists to demonstrate against COVID-19 pandemic-related shutdown orders. Read More.
'Nancy Pelosi does not want you to see this'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “does not want you to see this,” the Students For Trump organization claims in a new video recorded Wednesday showing the streets of her San Francisco congressional district lined with tents sheltering people experiencing homelessness. Read More.
Trump Comes up With A New Nickname For Biden — And It’s Perfect
Former President George W. Bush was known for his nicknames — and he was a master. Read More.
FBI investigating report of 'guy in jetpack' flying 3,000 feet in air at LAX: 'Only in LA'
The FBI is investigating a report from airline pilots that a person was seen flying in a jetpack some 3,000 feet above Los Angeles International Airport Sunday evening. Read More.
BLM Vandalizes Elvis Presley’s Graceland Mansion with “Defund the Police” and “F*ck 12”
Nothing is safe from the mob. Not even Graceland. Black Lives Matter vandalized Graceland overnight with graffiti to “Defund the police” and “F*ck 12” (f*ck police). Read More.
Police Arrest Antifa Guy with Flamethrower Who Cried in Fetal Position When Caught
Some on the left and in media (forgive the redundancy) are fond of denying the involvement of Antifa folks being behind the BLM riot violence. Read More.
Portland cop chases Antifa rioter and tackles him to street. But when leftist pulls off cop's helmet, all bets are off.
Antifa rioted in Portland yet again Monday night. Rioters set a fire on the ground floor of the high-rise condominium where far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler lives, the Oregonian said, and — given it was the mayor's birthday — wore party hats and sang "happy tear gas to you" before the festivities began. Read More.
Open Season on Police as St. Louis Cop Killed and 2 Chicago Officers Wounded
A 19-year-old man, Jeffon Williams, was arrested and is facing several charges for shooting and wounding two Chicago police officers during a traffic stop. Read More.
Viral Video Shows Leading Democrats Promoting ‘Uprisings,’ ‘Unrest,’ Harassment
As cities across the nation fall to destructive and violent left-wing riots, a video compilation has gone viral showcasing leading Democrats, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, promoting “uprisings,” “unrest in the streets,” harassment, and violence. Read More.

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