North Dakota Voters Support Age Limits for Congressional Candidates
If it passes, North Dakota will be the first state with such a law. Read More.
Trump Raises $33.5 Million, Mostly in Blue-State California
People lined up, sometimes enduring searing heat, to see the 45th president during his campaign sweep that hit three states in four days. Read More.
Musk to Ban Apple Devices From His Firms If OpenAI Integration Moves Forward
Elon Musk warned that his companies’ visitors would be required to check any Apple devices at the door if ChatGPT is integrated to Apple’s operating system. Read More.
‘Lights on but no one’s home’: Biden appears to freeze during White House Juneteenth event
Trump War Room posted in response to the video, “Lights are on but no one’s home.” Read More.
Supreme Court Set to Release Rulings on Major Cases as Term Nears End
Social media, gun rights, administrative power, abortion, and presidential power are some of the major topics being considered by the justices. Read More.
Hispanic Support for Trump vs. Biden Swings 20-Points
After prior reports on Joe Biden losing support among young voters and African-Americans, CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten is now tackling how Biden’s falling support... Read More.
NEW: Tucker Carlson to launch nationwide live tour in lead up to 2024 election
Carlson made the announcement via his social media account on Monday. Read More.
House Republicans Seek to Ban DHS From Buying Chinese Batteries
A group of House Republicans has introduced additional legislation aimed at preventing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from procuring batteries from six China-based companies. Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation and Maritime Security, introduced the legislation, H.R.8631, on June 5, titled “Decoupling from Foreign Adversarial Battery Dependence […] Read More.
Kristi Noem: Trump Could Use a Woman as a Running Mate
‘Polls tell him in the swing states that a woman on the ticket helps him win,’ the South Dakota governor said. Read More.
Gavin Newsom to slash police, prison budge by nearly $200 MILLION
The budget would cut $97 million for trial court operations, $10 million to the Department of Justice’s Division of Law Enforcement, and over $80 million to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Read More.
House GOP investigates Fani Willis’ relationship with J6 witness Cassidy Hutchinson
“We have reason to believe that your office interviewed Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson.” Read More.
DeSantis Signs HOA Bill Offering Homeowners Respite From Fines, Suspensions
The bill bans associations from freely issuing fines to homeowners. Read More.
Trump Downplays Retribution Talk If Elected: ‘It Has to Stop’
“It has to stop, because otherwise, we’re not going to have a country,” he says. Read More.
Trump to Appear in Arizona Town Hall in First Campaign Event Since Verdict
The town hall meeting will provide the first question-and-answer session with the former president since his May 31 criminal conviction. Read More.
New Jersey Gov. Signs Bill Changing Access to Public Records Into Law
The new law introduces changes to how the public can access government records. Read More.

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