SEC approves Trump Truth Social deal for up to $10 billion
The SEC approved a merger of Truth Social and the Digital World Acquisition Corporation. Read More.
Supreme Court to Decide if Wonder Bread Truck Drivers Are Exempt From Arbitration
Drivers who deliver Wonder Bread argue that their wage dispute should remain in the court system. Read More.
Hunter Biden Says DOJ Misrepresented Sawdust as Cocaine to Make Him Look Bad
Attorneys for Hunter Biden say that a photograph of sawdust misrepresented by prosecutors as cocaine shows a pattern of prosecutorial missteps. Read More.
FBI, UK Crime Agency Seize LockBit Cybercrime Gang’s Website
Law enforcement agencies from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europol collaborated in the operation to take down LockBit’s website. Read More.
Trump Faces Off With Haley in the South Carolina GOP Primary—Here’s What to Watch
President Trump is widely expected to win the South Carolina GOP primary, but voter metrics may offer clues about future primaries and the general election. Read More.
Biden Admin Announces Potential $1.5 Billion Deal With US Semiconductor Manufacturer
To help bolster semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the United States, chipmaker GlobalFoundries could soon get a $1.5 billion grant. Read More.
Queens County Conservative Party Endorses Trump
‘President Trump has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to serving the American people with integrity and strength,’ chairman Bob Chou said. Read More.
Cruz Says Senate Cannot Ignore Constitutional Process for Impeachment After Mayorkas Vote Tabled
The Senate has tabled the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a move Sen. Ted Cruz says has never happened in the history of the United States. Read More.
Nikki Haley: ‘Mistake’ for GOP to Ignore Gen Z
Only 17 percent of Gen Z is Republican, according to Statista. Read More.
Hundreds of US Airports to Share $970 Million for Modernization Projects
About 114 airports across 44 states and three territories will receive a share of the funding. Read More.
Biden Ignored Advice, Pushed Afghanistan ‘Unconditional Withdrawal’: Former Ambassador
Veteran diplomat who negotiated Doha Agreement tells House panel the president remained steadfastly committed to an unraveling plan. Read More.
Is Tucker Carlson Right About America’s Cities?
Commentary American journalist Tucker Carlson was interviewed as part of the World Government Summit in Dubai earlier this week, and if people were outraged by his recent interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin, they were likely apoplectic after his remarks in Dubai about America’s cities: “[W]hat was radicalizing, very shocking and very disturbing for me […] Read More.
NYC Sues Social Media Companies for Allegedly Fueling Youth Mental Health Crisis
New York City spends more than $100 million on youth mental health programs and services each year, according to the mayor’s office. Read More.
Trump to Attend Hearing in New York Criminal Case
A New York judge will hear motions in the New York “hush money” case against Trump, including a bid to dismiss and delay the trial, slated for March 25. Read More.

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