Police Officer Finds Suspicious Pile of Bricks in Kenosha Back Alley
It appears the leftists are getting ready to clock in for work in Kenosha. There is a report of bricks being placed in Kenosha in preparation for rioting. Read More.
BLM NYC Leader Who Threatened 'Riots' and 'Bloodshed' Walks off Interview When Called Out
New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams vowed last week that he will reinstate plainclothes, anti-crime police units in his violently out-of-control city. Read More.
Judge Dismisses Illegal Possession Charge Against Kyle Rittenhouse Before Closing Arguments
Ahead of the prosecution and defense presenting their closing arguments to the jury in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, Judge Bruce Schroeder has dismissed one of the charges against the defendant. Read More.
The Chinese Woman Who Snuck Into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Is Deported Back to China
The Chinese woman who broke into Mar-a-Lago was recently deported back to China. Read More.
Pastor tackles armed man during church service
Police in Nashville, Tenn., said a pastor tackled an armed man who threatened parishioners during church service Read More.
Poll: Only 28 Percent Of Americans Think Kamala Harris Is Doing A Good Job
The American public’s opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris and her track record as President Joe Biden’s supposed right-hand woman is tanking Read More.
NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Urges Fellow Dems to Abandon 'Anarchists,' 'Defund the Police'
The political tsunami that swept Republicans into power in places they weren’t expected to was one of the top stories last week, as RedState reported. Read More.
Chairman of Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee Suggests Subpoenaing President Trump is not Out of the Question
Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chair of the Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee, told reporters this weekend that subpoenaing President Trump in their sham investigation is not out of the question. Read More.
Laid-off pipeline worker goes after Biden for skyrocketing gas prices: ‘Everything that Biden’s touched or done — it’s a failure’
Lynn Allen, a laid-off pipeline worker, took President Joe Biden and his administration to task Tuesday morning, accusing the president and his allies of sabotaging America's energy independence. Read More.
New Poll on Biden/Trump Rematch Just Might Make Joe Pull His Hair Out
A new poll on how President Donald Trump would do versus Joe Biden just might make Biden pull his hair out (plugs and all) when he hears about it. Read More.
CROWDER: Does John Oliver support harassing police?
All over the country, COVID vaccine mandates are resulting in police officers resigning from the force. Read More.
Brian Stelter shifts CNN into propaganda overdrive to give Biden’s agenda a PR boost (while denouncing Trump of course)
Earlier today CNN’s Jake Tapper mocked the Wall Street Journal for publishing a letter to the editor from Donald Trump in which the former president said the 2020 election was rigged. Read More.
Baltimore must allow conservative Catholic group to hold prayer rally, judge rules
A conservative Roman Catholic media outlet has won its case against the city of Baltimore after a federal judge ruled city officials could not ban the group from holding a prayer rally during a U.S. bishop's meeting next month. Read More.

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