White House Approves $60 Million in Aid for Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse
The devastation left behind after the powerless cargo ship struck a critical bridge support pillar is extensive. Read More.
Biden, Dems drop term ‘Bidenomics’ as Americans cite failing economy as top issue
Republicans, however, have picked up the slack and have used the word over 500 times in March alone. Read More.
Trump to attend wake for fallen NYPD officer while Biden heads to NYC for glitzy, star-studded fundraiser
While Trump is expected to attend the wake, Biden will be attending a fundraiser with a star-studded list including Bill Clinton, Obama, and Lizzo that is expected to raise around $25 million. Read More.
Disney Reaches Settlement With DeSantis, District Board
The company agreed to drop multiple active lawsuits against the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. Read More.
Biden Can’t Stop Lying About Cutting the National Debt
On numerous occasions Joe Biden has falsely claimed to have reduced the national debt or budget deficit (terms he incorrectly uses synonymously), and as a new video from the RNC shows, he can’t even make up his mind as to what the fake number is. Read More.
Biden Administration Takes a Swipe at Credit Card Industry
Commentary The Biden administration regulators see a monopoly boogeyman behind the curtain of nearly every business merger and acquisition—from airlines to cellphones to chicken producers. Now they’re trying to stop Capital One from acquiring the credit card company Discover. That’s a bizarre cease-and-desist order, because this acquisition by Capital One would INCREASE rather than inhibit […] Read More.
Trump Media Stock Jumps as Much as 50 Percent, Halted for Volatility
Shares of the former president’s social media company surged on Tuesday before it was briefly halted. Read More.
Major US Port Paralyzed After Baltimore Bridge Collapse
Analysts say the collapse could have far-reaching supply chain impacts across the United States. Read More.
Supreme Court Considers Furloughed Pentagon Employee’s Long-Delayed Claim
Several justices wondered why the government has been fighting a $3,000 claim for so long, so hard. Read More.
Storm Threatens Snow in Midwest, Thunder in South; Other Parts of US Dig Out
A major spring storm threatened parts of the central U.S. on Monday with heavy snow in its northern reaches and thunderstorms and possible tornadoes in the South. Other parts of the country tried to recover from their own severe weather, from hail and flooding in California to heavy snow, freezing rain and flooding in the […] Read More.
56% of US voters say Biden is trying to jail Trump to stop him from winning: McLaughlin poll
56% of voters in the poll believe Biden wants to stop Trump from winning by jailing the former president. Read More.
Trump Attends Hearing in ‘Hush Money’ Case
Trump also faces a deadline to stay execution of his $454 million civil fraud judgment. Read More.
DeSantis May Send Illegal Haitian Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard
In 2022, Gov. Ron DeSantis gained the national spotlight when he sent illegal immigrants on chartered flights to the affluent island of Martha’s Vineyard. Read More.
Joe Biden Is Getting Crushed on Voters’ Most Important Issue of the 2024 Election Cycle
Immigration is officially the number one issue of the 2024 presidential election - and it’s an issue where Joe Biden is getting absolutely crushed.  Read More.
Trump Says He Has $500 Million Cash as Bond Deadline Looms
He says money meant for his campaign will now have to be used in his legal case. Read More.

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