‘Fill Our Heads With Stupid’: John Kennedy Reacts To Biden’s Speech
Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy criticized President Joe Biden’s speech for having a divisive and cynical message on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning. Read More.
West Virginia coal miners help tourists push their dead electric car
An electric vehicle broke down in West Virginia on Friday, but a group of coal miners were quick to help out. Read More.
Grumpy Joe Insults Protester at Divisive Labor Day Speech
The real meaning behind Labor Day of course is to celebrate the American worker. The working, blue collar middle class that built America deserves an extra day off occasionally! What they don’t deserve however is a President that thinks they are evil extremists. Welcome to 2022 and the Biden administration! Read More.
Kamala Harris claims to eat 1st grape in her 20s over labor boycott, but there’s a wrinkle in dates
Vice President Kamala Harris claimed in an interview for Labor Day that she first tried grapes in her 20s because she would “never cross a picket line” — but a review of dates involved reveals problems with the account. Read More.
Biden calling half the country ‘fascist’ is a cynical political ploy
It is a bold move to insult half of the country. That is what Hilary Clinton did six years ago with her denunciation of the “basket of deplorables.” But “deplorables” is so last season. Joe Biden, the Democrats and their media cheerleaders have decided to go one better. They seem to have decided that the best way to win the hearts and minds of the American public is dismiss half of us as “fascist.” Read More.
White House Officials Cry Uncontrollably After Mild Criticism of Biden's Norm-Breaking Speech
How can you tell a White House is far too used to receiving glowing press coverage? You simply observe their response to even mild criticism of what was objectively a dark, norm-breaking speech. Read More.
WATCH: Joe Biden Recites His ABCs
Big boy president knows the best words, from 'AAHAANINHPI' to 'Zzzzzzz' Read More.
California power grid in crisis: warns of rolling blackouts, residents asked to stop charging electric cars the week after passing a law to ban gas-powered cars
Residents were asked not to use major appliances and to refrain from charging electric vehicles — a particularly ironic instruction, given that state regulators had just approved plans to ban almost all gasoline-powered vehicles and require electric vehicles by 2035. Read More.
Oz Drops a Perfect Troll After Fetterman Refuses to Debate
Is Mehmet Oz finally hitting his stride in Pennsylvania? It kind of feels like it after John Fetterman officially refused to show up for the first debate. Read More.
FASHION ALERT: Hillary Clinton Wears Muumuu, Steals Spotlight at Venice Film Festival
Failed candidate walks the red carpet while promoting her new TV series featuring 'Wet-Ass P—y' rapper Megan Thee Stallion Read More.
"College is on me": This ad is the perfect response to Biden's student loan forgiveness plan
This ad should be played on every station nationwide, hundreds of times a day, until November 8th. WATCH Read More.
Good riddance to bad science
WATCH: Why Dr. Fauci Won’t Be Missed Read More.
Even Joe Rogan says, "Vote Republican"
Joe Rogan tells listeners to ‘vote Republican,’ bashes Dems’ COVID-19 ‘errors’ Read More.
FBI Agent Accused By Whistleblowers Of Shielding Hunter Biden Resigns, Escorted From Building
The New York Post reports that he was “forced out” and resigned from his position as FBI assistant special agent in charge last week. (NBC reports that he “had reached retirement age.”) Read More.

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