Trump Attorneys Question Cohen About Lying Under Oath
Prosecutors say they will call no more witnesses. Read More.
Special Counsel to Present Over 300 Exhibits in Hunter Biden Tax Evasion Trial
The exhibits appear set to spotlight messages, emails, money transfers, and financial records relied upon by the prosecution in their case. Read More.
BREAKING: Trump to debate Biden on CNN in Atlanta June 27
Trump said he’s “looking forward to being in beautiful Atlanta.” Read More.
FBI and DHS Issue Warning on Foreign Terrorist Groups for June
The agencies say that groups such as ISIS could target ‘Pride month’-related events. Read More.
Trump Promises Action Against Offshore Wind Power Projects on ‘Day One’ of Presidency
The GOP candidate suggested he could block the Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind project that’s set to feature 157 turbines. Read More.
Trump Responds to Trial Witness’ Claims: ‘I Paid a Lawyer’
‘I paid a lawyer a certain amount of money we marked it down as legal expenses,’ the former president said. Read More.
Rumble sues Google for $1 billion over digital ad ‘monopoly’
Rumble argued Google “excludes competition by engaging in conduct unlawful under settled antitrust precedent.” Read More.
NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor Endorses Trump for President
Republican support among the black community has been strengthening over the past years. Read More.
Georgia Republicans Remove Officer Who Voted Illegally
The vote removes Brian Pritchard, the Georgia GOP’s first vice chairman. Read More.
Biden Touts Projects for Infrastructure Week Amid Voter Skepticism
More than $450 billion has been allocated to over 56,000 projects across the country, the White House says... Read More.
Flashback: Biden Describes His Own Policy as “Beyond Comprehension” in 2019
Joe Biden threatened Israel on Wednesday that he’d be halting shipments of bombs and equipment if they launched an invasion into Rafah.. Read More.
Why Is Apple Celebrating Destruction?
Commentary Apple has embarked on the strangest, creepiest, and most disturbing ad campaign of our times. It’s designed to push their new iPad as thinner and with better resolution. It’s hard to believe they did it. Aren’t ads supposed to sell products? This ad has been universally panned and denounced. The comments on the original […] Read More.
Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson blast Trudeau for proposed ‘Orwellian’ law targeting free speech of Canadians
“It’s the most Orwellian piece of legislation ever promoted in the West,” Peterson wrote of Bill C-63. Read More.

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