Democrats Finally Speak Out Against Far Left Violence and Blame Trump
For months now Democrat politicians and their far left media have downplayed the Antifa-Black Lives Matter rioting in Democrat-run cities across the country. Read More.
'I Am 100% ANTIFA All the Way,' Portland Shooting Suspect Said, Warning of 'War' to Come
Portland Police have not publicly named a suspect in the Saturday night deadly shooting of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson, also known as “Jay Bishop,” but sources told The Oregonian that police are investigating 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl. Read More.
More than 70 Face Federal Charges Amid Violence in Portland
Arson, damaging government property, and assaulting a federal officer are among the charges 74 people face for violence and mayhem committed in Portland, Ore., over the past three months, the Department of Justice announced Friday. Read More.
Media Blackout: White College Student, Stepfather Shot to Death on Their Front Lawn After Fender Bender
A black man fatally shot a white college student and her stepfather over a fender bender in Georgetown, South Carolina this week. Read More.
Democrats Failed The Convention Optics Test
In the past two weeks of conventions, during which Democrats’ media champions have increasingly raised alarms about the direction of the race, is that this year the optics of these conventions mattered most, and could not have been more different. And they should worry Democrats. Read More.
Pelosi says there shouldn't be any debates between Biden and Trump
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday she doesn’t think there should be any presidential debates ahead of the November election, arguing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden shouldn't "legitimize" a discussion with President Trump. Read More.
Trump, in Convention Speech, to Decry Biden, Radical Forces
With crises brewing beyond the White House gates, President Donald Trump planned to stand on the South Lawn Thursday night to accept his party’s nomination for president, presenting himself as the last barrier protecting an American way of life under siege from radical forces. Read More.
Democrats Are Freaking Out, And They Should Be
The New York Times ran an article Wednesday about how voters in Wisconsin are responding to the riots by switching their support to Donald Trump. This is a very strange thing to see in the progressive Gray Lady. Anybody who follows the paper and its politics closely knows exactly what is happening here. It is a desperate plea to Democrats to change their tune on the violence sweeping across American cities. Read More.
Tesla on autopilot hits police car as driver watches movie on cellphone
A North Carolina doctor’s Tesla operating on Autopilot crashed into a police car early Wednesday morning as he was watching a movie on his cellphone. Read More.
Kenosha Bolsters Trump's Chances of Winning Wisconsin
Some Wisconsin Democrats now fear that images of violence and chaos in the streets of Kenosha will turn voters against the party. Read More.
Another GREAT WEEK for President Trump
It’s been an incredible week for President Trump and it’s not over yet. Tonight the President gets a chance to share his story after three nights of Americans showing why they are voting for President Trump in November. Read More.
UFC's Dana White to speak on Trump at RNC: 'I don’t care what people think of me or what they think'
UFC President Dana White isn’t concerned about the naysayers when he takes the stage Thursday night to stump for President Trump at the Republican National Convention. Read More.
Twitter flooded with racist smears, 'Uncle Tom' attacks after Sen. Tim Scott delivers RNC speech
GOP Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) closed out the first night of the Republican National Convention Monday night with a rousing and hopeful speech about how, in America, anyone has the opportunity to succeed if they work hard and how his family went from "cotton to Congress in one lifetime." Read More.
‘My Family And I Are Very Hurt’
The mother of Jacob Blake, the man who was severely injured in a police-involved shooting Sunday, came out against the violence that has swept Kenosha, Wisconsin, since her son’s death. Read More.
Joan Collins says she clashed with police officer over wearing wrong mask inside store: 'He yelled at me'
Joan Collins revealed she had a run-in with a police officer while vacationing in the South of France. Read More.

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