‘Giant Warning’: Iowa State University Instructor Warns Anti-BLM, Pro-Life Views Are ‘Grounds For Dismissal’
An Iowa State University instructor’s syllabus warned students that anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-life viewpoints are “grounds for dismissal.” Read More.
Jill Biden’s ex-hubby claims one-time friend Joe ‘stole’ her away and he’s set to publish book
The ex-husband of Jill Biden claims that his one-time friend Joe Biden “stole” her from him and that the couple has lied for years about how they met. Read More.
Trump Campaign Sues New Jersey
President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign sued New Jersey on Tuesday over the state’s decision to let residents choose whether they want to mail in their ballots or vote in person. Read More.
Laura Loomer Delivers Stunning Primary Victory In Trump’s Voting District
The “most banned woman in the world” pulled out a major upset against the Republican establishment which had, in recent weeks, shifted to being less antagonistic towards the right-wing candidate as a result of her performance in polls as well as fundraising efforts. Read More.
The Moment Trump Won Re-Election: The Cringiest Part of the Dem Convention Everyone is Talking About
The (Commie) Democrat convention kicked off Monday evening and it was a total dumpster fire. The Democrat party has embraced neo-Marxists who are openly calling for the destruction of Capitalism and the defunding of the police. Read More.

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