BREAKING: Biden confuses Egypt and Mexico while assuring nation he’s mentally fit

President Joe Biden announced unscheduled remarks for Thursday evening at 7:45 pm eastern. The president was, characteristically, late to his own impromptu briefing. His comments came after his Department of Justice released a report on Biden's handling of classified documents.

At the outset of his remarks, Biden praised his own government for not bringing charges against him. Then he took issue with the comments made in the 380-page report from the Special Counsel Hur. He claimed that the questions he had trouble answering were due to the international events at the time, namely the new conflict in Israel, which began with a massacre on October 7 carried out by Hamas.

After getting through his remarks on the teleprompter, including reading "end of quote," he took journalists' questions. He blamed his staff for the boxes of classified documents in his garage, saying "I take responsibility for not having seen exactly what my staff was doing. Boxes going in and out. Things that appeared in my garage things that came out of my home. Things that were removed not by me but my staff. By my staff."

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