People are lining up to explain how Donald Trump is constitutionally disqualified from holding office

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  • 11/17/2022
It was no shock Tuesday night when Donald Trump’s “big announcement” at Mar-a-Lago was that he was declaring a run for the presidency in 2024. A lot of Republicans have moved on and are waiting for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to declare, but there’s plenty of time for that.

As we said, we would have welcomed a serious investigation into what went wrong on January 6, including failures among law enforcement and the FBI (which are being left out of the select committee’s final report). We just learned that the FBI had eight informants embedded with the Proud Boys who apparently did nothing to stop them. Why wasn’t Ray Epps arrested for incitement to riot while grandmothers taking selfies were arrested and tried for “parading”? Why did Ashli Babbitt’s family have to sue to learn the name of the man who shot and killed her?

As we all know, though, the January 6 hearings quickly revealed their overarching purpose: to prevent Trump from holding office again.

If you want to make the point that Trump, as an insurrectionist, is disqualified for running for office, you’ll have to get in line:
  Rep. David Cicilline has already written up legislation to bar Trump from office, saying the January 6 select committee proved he incited an insurrection.


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