Kamala Harris claims to eat 1st grape in her 20s over labor boycott, but there’s a wrinkle in dates

Vice President Kamala Harris claimed in an interview for Labor Day that she first tried grapes in her 20s because she would “never cross a picket line” — but a review of dates involved reveals problems with the account.

Eating table grapes was shunned by labor activists from the time Harris was 19 to 36 — meaning Harris would have indeed flouted a picket line if her story is true.

“This sounds quaint, and so I’m reluctant to say it, but, you know, I didn’t eat a grape until I was in my 20s,” Harris told The Nation in an interview published Monday.

“Like, literally, had never had a grape. I remember the first time I had a grape, I went, ‘Wow! This is quite tasty.’ It was absolutely ingrained so deeply in me: Never cross a picket line.”

But Harris’ story is inconsistent with the timeline of the three major grape boycotts spearheaded by the Cesar Chavez-led United Farm Workers.

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