Jennifer Rubin gives Joe Biden her blessing to leave WH as a hero and gracefully ‘bow out in 2024’

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  • 11/08/2022
Jennifer Rubin hasn’t left Twitter just yet, and thank God for that, because it means she’s still around to share her quality Washington Post columns with her rapt audience of followers.
  Is that so, Jennifer?

She’s really doing this, you guys:
While Biden appears to be planning for a 2024 run, Trump’s declining fortunes should prompt him to rethink a second term (which would begin when Biden is 81 years old). Biden has suggested he thinks he would be the only Democrat certain to beat Trump if Trump is the nominee. That’s questionable; just about any functioning Democrat could beat him. But if Trump isn’tthe nominee, then Biden certainly is not essential in a 2024 campaign, when he would have to defend his fitness and record.

If Biden believes he must run to avoid a Democratic free-for-all in the 2024 primaries, he should think again. Hard-fought Democratic primaries in 1992, 2008 and 2020 didn’t prevent a Democratic general-election victory. If voters have serious doubts about Vice President Harris, they would be fully aired in a contested primary. Younger candidates and fresh faces with broader ideological appeal can make the case for turning the page, exactly as Barack Obama did in 2008.

Biden once said he would be a “bridge” to the next generation. That will be even more true when he is 81. If Biden’s concern is protecting the country from a second Trump term, he should consider the possibility that Republicans are likely to do that for him. Moreover, declining to run for office would leave Biden as a revered figure in a party with an array of capable candidates.

There’s really only one thing left to do now:

You’re damn right we’re gonna laugh at this. We’re gonna laugh ourselves unconscious, come to, and then laugh ourselves back into unconsciousness. Join us, won’t you?  

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