Grumpy Joe Insults Protester at Divisive Labor Day Speech

Labor Day means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For some it’s just an excuse for a three-day weekend. Others celebrate it as the unofficial end of Summer. Boo. That’s not me. Have you seen how much Halloween stuff is out already? Many also consider this the beginning of football season, both college and pro. Sign me up for that, because real life isn’t stressful enough already!

The real meaning behind Labor Day of course is to celebrate the American worker. The working, blue collar middle class that built America deserves an extra day off occasionally! What they don’t deserve however is a President that thinks they are evil extremists. Welcome to 2022 and the Biden administration!

It hasn’t been a good week for sleepy old Joe. Biden set a new low for cringe at his Thursday night speech outside of Independence Hall with disgusting and dangerous rhetoric labeling half the country as Maga extremists. I miss “Ultra Maga”, we didn’t get to keep that long enough. The word “extremist” must play better to the dem focus groups.

Meanwhile, the major networks thought so little about the importance of Biden’s speech that they aired reruns instead of carrying it live. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather watch “Press Your Luck” on ABC than anything this clown show of an administration has to say, but you’d think at least the leftist media would care. Not so much!


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