California Forced to Give Residents Another $1.4B for Unaffordable Utility Bills
Sometimes $1.4 billion just isn’t enough. Just ask California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read More.
Kari Lake is SAVAGE 🔥
Kari Lake Challenges Katie Hobbs To Milk A Bull Read More.
Social Security Now Allowing People To Choose Their Own Gender, No Questions Asked
The Social Security Administration will allow people to self-select their sex on social security documents without providing legal or medical documents to verify their sex, according to a Wednesday announcement. Read More.
Body cam footage shows arrests of voter fraudsters as a result of DeSantis' election integrity measures
Earlier this year, Ron DeSantis announced the launch of his Office of Election Crimes and Security and immediately fraudsters throughout the sunshine state were arrested for illegally voting. Read More.
Elon Musk Just Sent a Huge Warning Shot to ‘Woke’ Twitter Employees Ahead of Buyout Deal Expected to Close
Elon Musk on Tuesday showed his optimism that he would close the deal on Twitter with a tweet, which he subsequently deleted. Read More.
WATCH: AOC Dances Awkwardly as Protesters Again Interrupt Town Hall With Chants of ‘AOC Has Got to Go’
Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) responded rather awkwardly to a group of protesters at her latest town hall, dancing like an injured animal as the protesters chanted “AOC has got to go” and hiding backstage when the lights were turned off. Read More.
Kennedy: ‘If You Want Something Screwed Up, President Biden Is Your Man’
Wednesday on FNC’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) dinged the Biden administration for the shortcomings of its policy prescriptions on infrastructure, COVID, crime, border security and gas prices, among other things. Read More.
Biden promotes coffee machine tax credit in flub-filled speech
President Biden tried to generate some buzz for Democrats Saturday by making a head-scratching claim about tax credits for coffee machines during a flub-filled speech in Portland, Ore. Read More.
Climate Change Climate Crisis protestors glue themselves to VW floor and it goes to CRAP… literally
The fact they glued themselves to the floor was amusing, but they went on to complain that they were not given proper heat, food, or a bowl to use the bathroom in. Read More.
It Sure Sounds Like Nancy Pelosi Committed a Federal Felony on January 6
In newly released video from the Capitol riot, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can be seen and heard saying that if Trump came to the Capitol, she would “punch him out.” Read More.
Joe Biden Says Economy ‘Strong as Hell’ During Trip for Ice Cream
President Joe Biden boasted the economy under his presidency was “strong as hell” during a Saturday campaign trip to Portland, Oregon. Read More.
Lauren Boebert Points out Alleged Blackmail Scheme Involving Her Opponent
As I wrote earlier in the day, we are currently in the dumbest part of the election cycle. With November fast approaching and just weeks left before election day, Democrats are overdosing on hopium in an effort to keep the donations rolling in. Read More.
Gonna leave a mark! The Hill praising Kamala Harris as one of the most consequential VPs in HISTORY backfires hilariously … on Kamala
The more the media tries to make Kamala Harris some great and historic vice president the more people just point and laugh at her … and at them. Read More.

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