You Won’t Believe What Delusional Kamala Harris Said on NBC Interview

The Democratic Party and its cheerleaders in the national media like to give the impression that they have a sophisticated and nuanced perspective on the current state of the nation, but in reality, their argument boils down to the following: None of America’s political strElections, decisions made by the Supreme Court, legislation that is eventually signed into law, “norms,” etc. Everything has a significance that is so near and dear to them. 

Apart from when Gop are in control of the government, in which case the entire thing is a sham. 

Almost every single thing that Vice President Kamala Harris had to say during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, which was broadcast on Sunday, served to further illustrate this dynamic. She suggested that the rule that allows senators to filibuster should not be applied to Democratic objectives, but she thought the rule should be applied to everything else.uctures or mechanisms are lawful or genuine unless we’re the ones regulating them.

Todd asked her that even if she only attempts to do it for two things, would she be happy with the possibility that this could put an end to the legislative filibuster for good? Harris said that no.


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