Yo Republicans, here's your free campaign ad. You're welcome.

To the squishes running the GOP, I know you've forgotten what a spine looks like, but this isn't hard.

To win the midterms, run literal words from the Dems' mouths about celebrating sexual groomers and enforcing medical tyranny, then plaster this photo everywhere:
  I'll even enhance it and break it down:

Biden seriously held a massive party for himself on the White House Lawn yesterday to celebrate the Inflation "Reduction" Act, which increasesinflation by spending hundreds of billions of dollars for Democrats' friends.

He held this party on the same day as the new inflation report that showed things are still going really bad out there for us regular folk.
See that massive down arrow next to the Dow report on the right of the picture? That's the stock market crashing at the news.
    It's not that hard, guys.

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