World Leaders Wish President Trump Good Health – “Soulless Idiots” on the Left Mock Him

“Wishing the President and the First Lady a speedy recovery”, Nigel Farage posted on Twitter.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also contracted COVID-19 and had to be treated in ICU in April, said on Twitter: “My best wishes to President Trump and the First Lady. Hope they both have a speedy recovery from coronavirus.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote:

"Like millions of Israelis, Sara and I are thinking of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and wish our friends a full and speedy recovery.“

Egyptian President Abdelfatta Al-Sisi wrote:

“My sincere wishes for a speedy recovery for US President Donald Trump and the First Lady, and for them to pass this stage quickly to return in full health and wellness to continue leading the efforts of the United States capable towards working to combat this virus worldwide in the interest of all humanity, may God protect our peoples and all peoples of the world.“

Naturally, many horrible people came out to reveal their true colors on social media as well, which we will not deign to quote here. The best reply to this came from the head of Italy’s Lega, Matteo Salvini:

"In Italy and in the world, whoever celebrates the illness of a man or a woman, whoever wishes the death of others, only confirms what he is: a soulless idiot. Hugs to Melania and Donald #Trump.“!


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