White House claims Biden can’t close the border until Congress approves more funding

During a Monday White House press conference, White House National Security Council spokesperson was grilled on why Biden has not used executive authority to curb the ongoing crisis at the southern border under his administration.

NPR’s Franco Ordonez asked, "President Biden talked about shutting down the border on the basis of national security. Are there not steps that he could use under executive authority, to —some measures, to kind of seal some of the border efforts?"

“He has said he’s willing to use executive measures and, you know, if he gets he gets the bill passed, if he gets border funding and includes those authorities, he’ll use those authorities.”

"Why wait until Congress," Ordonez asked, to which Kirby replied, “we need legislative support for border security measures, and we need the funding to be able to put in place border security measures that the President can utilize. He has done some things like putting US troops down there to alleviate some of the responsibilities, or administrative responsibilities of Border Patrol and, but we need this funding."

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