Watch: Liz Warren Gets Roasted in Hilarious Impersonation of Her Bad Faith Crisis Center Attacks

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  • Source: Red State
  • 07/19/2022

Liz Warren is awful. That’s a given. She’s also a liar and fraud. Who can forget her campaign to prove her native chops? To great fanfare, she proved that she had about the same amount of native blood as George Custer and like him, her claim got massacred. Well, actually, it was death by suicide but she didn’t realize it was until she was told how stupid she looked.

Warren moved on, as all Democrats move on from self-owns, and assumed everyone would forget her massive fraud. And, most on her side of the aisle did. Nonetheless, her nicknames are legend. Pocahontas, Fauxcahontas, Lying Cow, and my favorite: Lie-a-Watha. She used her fake Indian ancestors to get an Ivy League professorship, then she move into the Senate as its “chief” liar and most vocal “Karen.”

Now after Dobbs, she is on a new bad faith campaign to demonize pregnancy centers. Her new efforts are aimed to cast pregnancy centers as akin to Scientology black holes where unsuspecting pregnant women get sucked into a cult. She’s said that “We have got to shut them down”.  She’s a despicable liar.
But, there is a ray of sunshine. An impersonator tomahawks Liz Warren’s mannerisms, foibles, and silly-talk about crisis centers. She also shows everyone what the centers actually do. The video is hilarious. Stay to the end and don’t have a mouth full of coffee, you’ll regret it.

By Jim Thompson | Redstate



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