Watch: Hilarious! Pelosi Shills for Applause at White House Celebration

Sometimes the smallest things can brighten a dark day, like a puppy, or the laughter of a child, or a good laugh at someone else’s expense. We need some of these dark days brightened, don’t we? Raging inflation, high prices at the pump and the grocery, little hope of anything getting better anytime soon. Yep, things are a little dark thanks to Brandon and his band of merry men and women. And Grandma Vodka Pelosi.

At the grand Inflation Reduction Act gala on the White House lawn Tuesday, the fine folks responsible for this mess gathered to congratulate themselves for a job (not) well done. It is almost inconceivable to me that these folks REALLY believe what they are doing is good for the country and the economy, but the alternative is to believe they are all grossly incompetent or just plain evil. I’m not sure which one disturbs me the most.

During Pelosi’s speech touting Biden’s “work” on inflation, a funny thing happened; the slack jawed crowd in attendance missed their applause cue, resulting in old Nance having to ask. Check this out from Breitbart:

Pelosi was speaking at an event on the White House lawn to celebrate the passage of President Joe Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Bill” when she scolded the audience for not applauding at the appropriate moment.

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