Tucker Carlson & Greg Gutfeld’s analyses of Biden’s classified document mess are *chef’s kiss*

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/13/2023
Yesterday Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the formation of a special counsel to look into the matter of Obama-era classified documents that were found in President Biden’s Wilmington garage and at least two other locations. Biden had previously reminded reporters that the documents at his home were secure because they were locked in a garage along with his Corvette. 

On that subject here are two great videos.

First up is Tucker Carlson’s take on all this, and it’s perfect:

Greg Gutfeld is up next, and along the way he is among those who noticed that “Joe Biden really wants everybody to know he owns a Corvette.” This is great:

We’ll now wait to see what desperate spin the Biden White House comes up with over the weekend.

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