Tucker Carlson BLISTERS the WEF elite as only he can in BRUTALLY hilarious segment (watch)

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/19/2023
We know it’s hard to laugh at the World Economic Forum when it feels pretty damn threatening (and no, that’s not a conspiracy theory at all, especially if you’ve been paying any attention to what they’re saying at this forum) but Tucker Carlson did what he does best and did indeed make us laugh.

While making us think as well.

  He’s spot on (as usual) about the WEF.

The so-called WEF seems to exist to destroy national economies … he’s right.

And wow, you guys, they’ve been wrong about SO MANY THINGS. Plus, when you listen to Tucker saying it so clearly, common sense obviously went out the door with these supervillains. EAT ZE BUGS! We must say, Tucker’s German accent is spot on.

Also, holy crap, Schwab sounds like a totalitarian disaster. Master the future? BUST OFF.
  They’re wealthy.

That’s it.

They think that makes them experts.

That and the one guy has a creepy AF accent. Heh.

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