Trump-hating motorist spits on MAGA guy's banner — and then pays for it, bigly

What are the details?

A short clip circulating on social media shows one of the Trump supporters standing on a sidewalk holding a pro-Trump banner in front of the driver's open window. They exchange words — some of them of the four-letter variety — and the phrase "you lost" is stated.

At one point the driver appears to spit on the banner — his face is obscured by the banner, but the distinct sound of spitting is audible — and the Trump supporter appears to spit back at the driver.
Then as the driver speeds away, he makes the mistake of turning his head back toward the Trump supporter in order to deliver one, final parting shot: "Stupid a**hole!" he apparently yells.

Turns out it was a major mistake on his part. He promptly crashes his car into a light pole — to the delight of nearby Trump fans.

"That's what you get! All that hate!" someone yells at the driver, soon adding, "Look what it did to you, man!" Another Trump supporter tells the driver his accident is "unfortunate" as the motorist unsuccessfully tries gunning the car's engine to move it away from the pole — and the damaged vehicle just won't cooperate. Seconds later, the same Trump supporter notices flashing lights and announces, "Oh, and now you've got the cops here!"

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