Threats to Burn the Country for Biden Are Not “Normal”

RUSH: Let’s see. How does Biden still say he’s the candidate of normalcy when they want to burn down the country?


RUSH: There’s an answer to that. It’s a good question. And the answer to the question is — and you’ve gotta keep this in mind — they have attempted to establish the reality that Trump is Mr. Abnormal, that everything Trump is sick and evil and abnormal. Therefore, anything not Trump is normalcy.

They have also set themselves up as good. Trump is evil. In the battle of good versus evil, good can do anything to defeat evil. If it means destroying Portland in order to defeat Trump, it’s perfectly okay. If it means destroying the police in order to destroy Trump, then it’s okay. Not only okay, it’s called for. So this is their justification for it. Trump is evil orange man. They are good people. And so they’re battling abnormality as defined by Trump. Anything not Trump is normalcy. That’s what they tell themselves. That’s what many in their base believe.

How would you argue with that? If you had those people that believed those kind of things and you’re talking to them, how would you – you wouldn’t. There’s no way you could even connect. You got nothing in common with them. Those people need to be defeated. Within the political sense they need to be defeated each and every time there is a chance to defeat them.

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