The Media Coverage Of Trump’s Covid Diagnosis Was A Disgrace

Yes, there were some people who straight up wished the president, his wife and others affected at the White House would just die already, but most responses were more muted, along the lines of “we all hope the best for the first family, but …”

Apparently the chickens had come home to roost for a president who is single-handedly responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Americans, who did nothing, nothing I tell you, to stop the virus. He didn’t ramp up production of PPE, he didn’t build pop-up hospitals in record time, he didn’t stand up testing to the highest levels in the world, he didn’t spearhead a vaccine and therapeutic program known as Operation Warp Speed, and he didn’t sign stimulus bills that allowed Americans to stay safely at home.

Oh wait. He did all of those things and the media telling you he ignored the problem are lying.

So that was the backdrop for the media coverage of Trump’s bout of Chinese virus. A Greek tragedy in which Trump was strangled by his own devices. And that narrative was looking pretty good on Friday when Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center via helicopter, “medivacked” Sanjay Gupta would say over and over on CNN, even though White House reporters say using Marine One for such trips is typical.

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