SHOCK POLL: Majority of Americans Think Joe Biden Should Have a Note Pinned to His Sweater and Be Sent Home to Delaware

Not only does President Joe Biden’s approval rating require a microscope to see, but he’s got even worse electoral problems. The upshot is that a majority of Americans believe it’s time to pin a note to Biden’s sweater and send him back to retirement in Delaware.

As colleague Ed Morrissey pointed out over at HotAir, the number of Americans who believe Joe Biden is “mentally unfit” is at a gobsmacking 60% according to a new Harvard Harris poll.

Those numbers looked bad in May, and they’re only getting worse. The demos on these questions are equally disastrous as the topline numbers, too. Even among Democrats, 27% doubt Biden’s mental fitness and 34% think he’s too old for the job regardless.

But wait, there’s worse news for Biden, according to Morrissey:

A later question shows 71% oppose a second Biden run for the presidency; they don’t include demos on that question, but clearly, it has to include a substantial number of Democrats. Forty-five percent of that group say he shouldn’t run again because he’s a “bad president,” with another 30% saying he’s too old for the job.

And the bad news keeps on coming. The Harvard Harris poll reports that overall 64 percent of Americans think Joe Biden is “too old” to be president. Here are the key questions asked of the 1,308 online poll participants on June 28 and 29. Read the full article HERE.


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