Ron DeSantis is just the best 🤣🙌

The latest Leftist crusade, which they are attempting to recast as a right-wing culture war, is against the gas stove.

The Biden administration first brought the idea of a gas stove ban to the forefront, then in typical lefty fashion other Democrats followed suit – including AOC, who was roundly embarrassed for getting involved in the fight.

Now Ronny D has entered the fight:

I love it.

You know they float this... and then you started to see the narrative kick into gear. CNN segments saying how it's causing asthma in kids and all this other stuff. And so they start propogating the narrative. But then they got blowback so they've kind of had to retreat from it.

And now the narrative machine is like, "Oh, why are these conservatives talking about gas stoves? They're trying to stoke issues!" No, YOU are trying to do it and we're fighting back...

The bottom line is, anything they can get away with they are gonna get away with. And this is just a perfect example of that.
The media is so predictable, and the outrage machine is always the same.

Democrats start a battle, Republicans fight back, and then Dems and the media say "why are you talking about this?" as if they weren't the side that brought it up. See full article here.

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