President Biden gives his ‘word as a Biden’ and LOL

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/30/2023
President Biden has given his ‘word as a Biden’ that he’s feeling really optimistic about America’s future, despite his disastrous presidency.

High gas and grocery prices, 401k woes, border crisis, war in Ukraine, taking out a loan to buy eggs, civil unrest, but yeah, Joe, things are looking downright peachy!
Joe Biden seems to be one of the few people in the country who believes his word has any value.

So just how useful is his ‘word as a Biden’?

The phrase ‘teats on a boar hog’ comes to mind.

Thankfully, Biden has given us his word in the past so we can perform a bit of fact check here.
Cool! We could all use some good old-fashioned unity. He gave us his word as a Biden, after all.

Let’s see how it’s going …
  Perhaps Joe just forgot to implement his unity plan and then accidentally went on a weeks-long screed about fascists and Ultra-MAGA Republicans being a threat to democracy?

Yep, must have been that because he gave us his super-duper valuable word as a Biden.
  Woohoo! Bring on the light!
  Oh. We’re starting to get the feeling that Biden’s word is utterly useless. In fact, it may be a predictor of the exact opposite of what he says he’s going to do.
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