Michigan Governor Accuses Trump of Playing ‘Political Games’ Over Border Crisis

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, took aim at former President Donald Trump while launching her fundraising campaign on Wednesday, accusing the Republican presidential nominee of tanking tough measures to tackle the border crisis.

Ms. Whitmer’s comments came after President Trump criticized her during an appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Tuesday, calling her “radical,” “left-wing,” and a “terrible governor.”

President Trump also criticized Michigan’s response to the ongoing immigration crisis after the state rolled out its “Newcomer Rental Subsidy program,” seeking to entice residents to house illegal immigrants.

Responding to his comments in a statement on social media platform X, the governor wrote that “Michiganders are tough and can hold our own” but that they have “a problem with people who play political games instead of solving problems.”

She then went on to claim that when President Trump was in office, his administration requested her office’s support to secure the border.

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