Meet the Depressed Admits They Don’t Have the Power to Shame Trump Out of Office

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think the American people have reached what I call their absorption level. Every day it’s something new. When’s the last time, ladies and gentlemen, you saw a good story? When’s the last time you saw a positive story about Donald Trump in the Drive-By Media? You haven’t. They haven’t done one. Do you think the American people don’t notice this?

Do you think the American people aren’t aware of what’s going on? I think they’re far more sophisticated and aware than what people want to acknowledge. But I realize there’s a lot of people on our side like Mr. Snerdley who think this stuff is gonna work because, in their minds, it has worked. It’s gotten rid of certain Republicans in the past or it succeeded in damaging others. But I think Trump’s a different ball game.

RUSH: Yeah, because this has been every week. I mean, folks, literally for four years now, you’re gonna go back and you have to include the campaign months in 2016 — you know, Trump wasn’t inaugurated ’til 2017. But the campaign in 2016, they were running the coup then. They were doing everything they could to set Trump up. They were spying on him. That’s when they had the FISA warrants, illegally. That’s when they were trying to embed people in the Trump campaign. Their informants and spies.

So they’re going on for four years, and the news media, it seemed like every day, minimally every week there was something new. Now, on the Trump-Russia scandal, it wasn’t so much something new as yet another source that had come forth unidentified with even more information to prove, slash, confirm that Trump indeed was a Russian agent, that Trump was a traitor, that Trump was running for Vladimir Putin or whatever. The point is that every week it was something new.

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