Mass outrage erupts at Hobby Lobby after blatant pro-Trump message appears on a store display

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 09/08/2020
What are the details?

Social media users are calling for a boycott of the store, which has never shied away from its conservative roots.

A photo of the display emerged on social media, which featured decorative letters arranged to read "USA Vote Trump."

It is not known at the time of this writing whether a store employee crafted the display, or if a customer or customers rearranged the letters to call for Trump support.

One social media user wrote, "We're all aware that customers re-arrange these letters all the time, right? Call my [sic] old-fashioned, but I prefer to be outraged at Hobby Lobby for making it so that employers can decide what kind of healthcare their employees can get." Another social media user took a swipe at the company's Christian stance, writing, "I've been in a Hobby Lobby one time. The Jesus music was just too damn much. I had to wash off the stink of hypocrisy and Christianity when I got home."

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