Left-wing celebs throw debate tantrums at President Trump; some even call for violence against him

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 10/01/2020
And there was little doubt which candidate would draw their ire.

It's true, folks: President Donald Trump doesn't have many fans among the Hollywood elite — and those elite were out in full force, in real time, so they could bestow upon us all the many benefits of their highly advanced, freakishly evolved sociopolitical points of view.

You know, like this one from Trump impersonator and sometimes arrestee Alec Baldwin:

baldwin tweet

"Trump needs a beating," eh? Has the president been doubling as a member of the paparazzi or something?

Actor Adam Goldberg had similar thoughts, tweeting that "literally the only way to deal with him is to sucker punch the f***." Apparently after some pushback, the following day Goldberg added, "This was tweeted during a game of thrones watch party. Not sure what you're all on about." Anything you say, buddy.

Indeed, six minutes after his "sucker punch" tweet, Goldberg referred to Trump's "Nazi scum Twitter army".

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