Kamala Harris Explains Caribbean Geography to World, World Stares Slack-Jawed

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  • Source: Pj Media
  • 01/13/2023
With staff picks like Kamala Harris and Karine Jean-Pierre, you have to hand it to the mush-mouthed and increasingly senescent President Joe Biden for knowing exactly whom to hire to make himself look like the smartest person in the room.

Just ask him; he’ll tell you how smart he is. Actually, on a good day, you don’t even have to ask him. He does tend to go on (and on) about his mostly imaginary accomplishments and prowess.

PJ Media’s own Ben Bartee already had fun with KJP’s latest (and most revealing) bout of chronic verbal diarrhea. On Thursday, the White House Spokesmodel got tripped up when a friendly member of the White House steno pool dared to gently challenge her.

“Ed — Ed — Ed, I am — we don’t need — we don’t need to have this,” KJP stammered and pleaded. “We work very well together… You don’t need to be contentious with me here, Ed.”

A PressSec who can’t handle a mildly contentious press—this is why I can’t help but call her the White House Spokesmodel. Pleasant enough to look at, I suppose, but she doesn’t actually do much other than get out in front of the cameras.

But to give KJP at least some small amount of credit: at least her constant flubs, nonsense, and blank stares occur on American soil.

Alleged Vice President Kamala Harris, on the other hand, is allowed — encouraged, even — to do her thing overseas, or with overseas visitors to our country.

Imagine, if you will, a person one old man’s skipped heartbeat away from the presidency who speaks to foreign dignitaries as though they were not-terribly-bright second-graders.

I’m kidding about the “imagine” part. Harris does this kind of thing all the time.

Here’s the latest example:

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