Kamala Harris Busts Joe Rogan For Weed In Hilarious Photoshopped Promotional Poster

Joe Rogan used a photoshopped poster of Vice President Kamala Harris as promotion for his upcoming show, and called her out for advocating for Brittney Griner’s freedom despite incarcerating people for marijuana charges.

Rogan’s poster depicted Harris in a police uniform, with a “Free Brittney Griner” pin on her outfit, while she arrested him as he smoked marijuana. It was posted to his Instagram page Saturday, alongside the caption “Columbus, Ohio! I’m coming in hot!” and was designed as an advertisement for his upcoming show in Cleveland, Ohio on Sept. 16.

Rogan has previously been vocal about the hypocrisy in Harris’ stance on non-violent drug arrests. The comedian has also slammed her on “The Joe Rogan Experience” for throwing people in jail during her time as district attorney.

“That’s why the hypocrisy about the Brittney Griner situation was so egregious in this country,” Rogan said during his Aug. 27 podcast episode with NFL star Aaron Rodgers. “Kamala Harris is talking about how horrible it is that Brittney Griner is in jail. Well, you put people in jail. You did. Thousands of people in jail for marijuana,” Rogan said. “It’s crazy.”  

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