Kamala Harris’ 5 Biggest False, Misleading Statements From The Debate

The 90-minute debate in Salt Lake City came after President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden squared off in their first debate last week. The debate between Pence and Harris was significantly more civil with fewer interruptions from both candidates and less interference from the moderator.

Many of the “fact-checks” that were published after the debate focused almost exclusively on comments that Pence made and most ignored comments that Harris made. For example, ABC News published a fact-check report that evaluated 12 statements made by Pence, but only one statement made by Harris. CBS News evaluated six statements made by Pence and only three made by Harris. Other fact checks that were available online were done in a similar way.

However, Harris made dozens of false or misleading statements during the debate—the Trump campaign, for example, counted at least 24.

The following are five false or misleading statements that were made by Harris during the debate:

1. HARRIS: “The president said [coronavirus] was a hoax."

This is is not true and it has repeatedly been debunked by The Washington Post, The Associated Press, CNN, PolitiFact, FactCheck.org, and Check Your Fact.

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