Jill Biden’s ex-hubby claims one-time friend Joe ‘stole’ her away and he’s set to publish book

The ex-husband of Jill Biden claims that his one-time friend Joe Biden “stole” her from him and that the couple has lied for years about how they met.

Bill Stevenson said in an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail that Jill had an affair with Joe that resulted in the breakup of his marriage to her.

In addition, Stevenson — who is set to publish a book that will provide more details — said that the story the Bidens tell about how Joe Biden fell in love with Jill after a blind date is a fabrication.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Stevenson, now 72, said in Wilmington, Delaware, the city that the former vice president has called his home since leaving his birthplace in Scranton, Pa. “But facts are facts and what happened, happened.”

Stevenson would not reveal the title of his book, which he appears ready to publish himself. He also said he wasn’t certain whether to publish it before or after the November election, but that “it’s ready to go.”

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