Jill Biden Brings the Cringe at the Eagles Game, but I've Got Other Questions

As I type this, the Eagles are playing the 49ers in the NFC Championship game, with the winner headed to the Super Bowl. Naturally, with a game of that magnitude, you are going to end up with some public figures in the stands, and Jill Biden was spotted in a booth with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

By the way, did you know Jill Biden has a doctorate? I just want to make sure you know that because it’s very important that you do. Luckily, Fox made sure to put “Dr.” in the chyron so as to avoid any confusion. If anyone gets hurt on the field, perhaps she can offer some assistance.
  It’s all just so cringe-worthy. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a chyron for a football game use formal titles like that, but the First Lady is nothing if she isn’t militant about being addressed as a “doctor” at all times. Of course, she’s not a doctor. Rather, she has a doctorate in education. I don’t personally know any teachers with doctorates who are called “doctors” outside the confines of academia, but Jill Biden is special.

Regardless, this is now the second time this season that Jill Biden has attended an Eagles game, and I’m starting to have questions. Namely, where is her husband? As with the first game the First Lady attended, Joe Biden is once again nowhere to be found. He claims to be an Eagles fan (he attended their last Super Bowl) so that strikes me as odd. Never mind that appearance of Jill Biden hamming it up with Roger Goodell in a private box while the president remains AWOL isn’t good.

Is Joe Biden not capable of going to an NFL game? That’s the first explanation that comes to mind. A football game isn’t exactly the controlled environment his handlers are used to. Given the president has had an issue with sundowning, perhaps the timing was a little too late in the day for him. The White House wouldn’t want the visual of him falling asleep on national television.

And before the feminists rip my head off by asserting that a woman can go to a football game by herself, I’m not discounting that. Speaking from experience, though, part of being married is doing things together. Joe Biden no doubt had the chance to go to this game, and I just find it weird he’s not there (again). This is hardly the first time Jill Biden has gone solo in situations you wouldn’t expect either.

It plays into the idea that Joe Biden isn’t capable of doing normal things because he’s that physically depleted. I mean, it’s not like he’s busy. According to his schedule, Biden is back in Delaware for the umpteenth weekend. What exactly is going on at that house where he just seems to disappear for days on end? So many questions.

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