INVISIBLE MAN? Joe Biden Goes Unmentioned in Politico Playbook

We have already seen that Politico has become laughably incurious about why Joe Biden has taken so many "lid" days and now it appears that Biden coverage at that periodical of politics has shrunk to the point he has disappeared entirely in some sections, such as their Politico Playbook.

Although Tuesday's Politico Playbook PM  by Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, Eli Okun, and Garrett Ross runs over 2200 words and covers a wide variety of political subjects, the number of times that Joe Biden is mentioned is...ZERO.

Yes, despite this being in perhaps the most important election in many years, a major party candidate for president has gone down the rabbit hole in a section detailing the intricacies of politics.

The title of the Tuesday Politico Playbook PM is "Problem not solved" but perhaps a more accurate title would be "Candidate not mentioned." Could this be because Politico is entirely focused on Trump? Perhaps his opponent could somehow get a nod by calling him "Not Trump." 

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