Investigation: The Biden Administration Is Crawling With Conspiracy Theorists

Joe Biden’s administration is crawling with conspiracy theorists who are tainted and beguiled by what may be a wilder and nuttier theory than all those wild Q-Anon stories. And new filings in the John Durham investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion hoax indicate that those Biden administration conspiracy theorists could drag the president into the investigation.

Paul Sperry at RealClearInvestigations (RCI) was the first to match Durham’s recent legal filings with the Russian collusion hoaxers working in the Biden administration.

Some of those in powerful positions in the Biden administration, such as Jake Sullivan, peddled the fake conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was a Russian secret agent. Sullivan is Biden’s national security adviser but in 2016 was Hillary Clinton’s right hand. He personally pushed the fake Trump-Russia conspiracy theory to the media and allegedly conspired with a former FBI analyst-turned narrative creator for The Democracy Integrity Project Daniel Jones to push the conspiracy theory hoax to a wider audience.

Jones’s T-DIP, as it’s called, also hired another now Biden administration official, Dafna Rand, to push the faked Trump ties to the Russian Alfa Bank. That conspiracy theory was debunked, but that hasn’t stopped her ascent into power. Rand is now the director of the Office of Foreign Assistance in the Biden administration.

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