How to Make Probiotic-Rich Fermented Cranberry Sauce to Support Healthy Digestion

You can make a traditionally cooked cranberry sauce for your holiday table—but why not take it to the next level? You can turn it into a probiotic-rich condiment that supports your gut health and helps you more easily digest rich holiday meals.

Fermented cranberry sauce (or any fermented fruit, for that matter) strikes the perfect balance between tangy and sweet in a palate-pleasing combination. It's a memorable and tasty accompaniment to your dinner table.

Timing It Right

When you ferment fruit, your fruit goes through three stages during the fermentation process: lacto-fermentation, alcohol, and vinegar.

To enjoy your fermented fruit as a fruit and not as an alcohol or vinegar, you need to catch it in the lacto-fermentation phase. This is easy to do. During days one and two of the fermentation process, you will begin to see a few bubbles starting to form.

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