Gov. Gavin Newsom tells reporter why guns are bad (while surrounded by armed security)

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/24/2023
There were multiple mass shootings in California over the weekend and into Monday, and instead of getting into the possible root causes of these terrible things, Gov. Gavin Newsom instead decided to go after the Second Amendment and explain why gun rights are a bad thing:
  The “Second Amendment is a suicide pact” is especially rich coming from somebody surrounded by people with guns.
As usual, their life is worth protecting with guns but yours isn’t.
  Because he’s special and the rest of us aren’t, or something.
  The “guns don’t make you safer” crowd who are constantly surrounded by people with guns aren’t much different than those climate change alarmists saying “we need to end fossil fuels” while aboard their private jets. Continue reading full story here.


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