Geraldo Rivera says ‘whatever’ after discovering his definition of what “AR” stands for was incorrect

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/18/2023
On Fox News this week there was some heated gun control debate where Geraldo Rivera talked about AR-15s and maybe should have instead left it to people familiar with the topic and not just tried to push the Left’s preferred narrative:
  Rivera responded to Greg Gutfeld’s question about what the “AR” in “AR-15” means and said it stands for “automatic rifle.” Maybe it should be “MG” for “machine gun”:
  Add it all up and Rivera responded in a very familiar way. This happens a lot — a gun control advocate will make a claim about guns, get proven wrong, and then dismiss it as not really mattering because at the end of the day guns can kill people:
  Full story here


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