Formula crisis typical of Biden — denial and lack of urgency

The baby formula crisis is the perfect example of how detached the Biden administration is from the American people it was elected to represent.

This has been a recurring pattern persisting throughout President Biden’s tenure. He is warned about a potential crisis, the administration ignores it, the problem metastasizes, and still there is no sense of urgency. Until finally, begrudgingly, Biden holds a press conference and blames everyone else.

Contrary to what press secretary Jen Psaki says, the administration did nothing but sit on its hands until the formula shortage hit critical mass last week. In November 2021, reports began to emerge that baby formula inventories were declining at retail outlets throughout the country. The administration ignored these reports.

In February, the Food and Drug Administration closed the Abbott Laboratories baby-formula plant in Sturgis, Mich., following reports of potential contamination. Again, the Biden administration did nothing. That same month, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) sent a letter to the FDA highlighting the dangerous position parents were in. Read the FULL article HERE

By Nicholas Giordano | New York Post


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