Even CNN’s Dana Bash calls Adam Schiff out for LYING during interview about losing committee seat (watch)

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/30/2023
Man oh man, Democrats sure get whiny when Republicans do the same sort of things to them that they’ve been doing to Republicans all along. Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Ilhan Omar have done nothing but b**ch and moan for days since getting kicked off their committees.

They even went on CNN this morning to cry more about it because who knows, maybe if they cry more it will help.


And while all three were embarrassing, Dana Bash actually pushed Adam Schiff about being a liar, especially after he TRIPLED DOWN on Russian collusion.

  And watch again.
  He should’ve been more clear.

Dude, you lied.

You were caught.

We all know it.

And that’s why you were kicked off your committee, you can’t be trusted.

Oh, and speaking of not being trusted, Ilhan Omar tried to pretend she didn’t know she was saying anti-Semitic things.

No, really. Continue reading here.

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