Don’t Be Distracted from the Democrat Convention Disaster

It was obvious that the people on the Democrat side are so poisoned with personal hatred for Donald Trump that they have lost every bit of rationality. They have lost every bit of reason for what it is that they are trying to accomplish. I was watching in amazement last night. It was so bad last night that I was thinking it would be difficult to describe for people who didn’t see it, how bad it was.
But of course, if there’s anybody up to that task, if there’s anybody up to that challenge, it is I, your host, El Rushbo. By the way, while the Democrat national convention TV ratings are plummeting, our ratings at are skyrocketing. Our traffic yesterday was up 65%, folks. Every day, we’re setting a new record for the number of subscribers to Thank you so much for that.

But we’re not losing. We’re not losing radio ratings. We’re not losing audience. People are not tuning out of the streaming (either the audio or the Dittocam), and yesterday it was up 65%. There are a couple interesting stories about why the networks are covering so little of the Democrat convention. The broadcast networks are basically spending an hour a night, which is basically what they have been doing.
But they’re not going wall-to-wall with the hour. They’re butting in and butting out and they’re giving a lot of time to their own commentators. And you know what a lot of networks are doing? They’re making you go to their streaming sites if you want to watch wall-to-wall Democrat convention. They’re not televising it.

There’s a reason. Do you know what it is? It’s funny as hell. They’re scared to death that if they spend the amount of time on the Democrat convention that they actually want to spend, that they will then be obligated to give the Trump the same time amount of time next week, and they don’t want to. They don’t want to give Trump any time next week.

They don’t want to give Trump certainly any more time. The next thing they’re worried about, is they know full how disastrous a television show this convention has been. Did you see last night? If you watched this, this was the strangest ending to a speech. I thought the Kamala Harris speech, the Obama… Look, both of them. I’m gonna get into detailed analyses here just in time.

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