DeSantis Signs HOA Bill Offering Homeowners Respite From Fines, Suspensions

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill on Friday that gives property owners some relief from fines and suspensions imposed by homeowners’ associations (HOA).

At present, people who live within areas managed by homeowners associations are subject to fines if they are deemed to have violated HOA rules. Some associations may opt to suspend certain rights of a parcel owner, like access to parts of common areas. In light of this issue, HB 1203 was introduced in the Florida House in January. The bill limits the situations when an association can impose fines on the parcel owner’s rights. On May 31, Mr. DeSantis signed the legislation into law.

According to the bill, an association cannot impose a fine or suspension on a parcel owner if the individual leaves garbage receptacles “at the curb or end of the driveway less than 24 hours before or after the designated garbage collection day or time.”

Fines are also prohibited if the owner were to put up holiday decorations or lights for a longer time than what is accepted by the HOA. This rule does not apply if the decorations are still up a week after the HOA provides a written notice of violation to the owner.

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