DeSantis says he would welcome bill to abolish 'corrupt' IRS: 'We need something totally different'

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 05/27/2023
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would be "welcoming" of a measure from Congress to defund the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if he's elected president next year.

The comments from DeSantis, who officially announced this week that he would seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, came during a conversation with radio host and Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch on The Dana Show.

During the interview, DeSantis was asked whether he would sign a measure from Congress to abolish the IRS through funding means, as well as what he would replace the system with.

"Are you for a far tax, a flat tax, where do you stand on that?" Loesch asked DeSantis.

"So, the answer's yes. I think the IRS is a corrupt organization and I think it's not a friend to the average citizen or taxpayer," DeSantis responded. "We need something totally different."

"I've supported all of the single rate proposals, I think they would be a huge improvement over the current system and I would be welcoming to take this tax system, chunk it out the window and do something that's more favorable to the average folks."

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