Democrats Bracing Themselves For More SCOTUS Decisions They Don’t Like


Even if Donald Trump never runs for president ever again, the mark he left on the Supreme Court will be in place making the left crazy for a long time.

While liberals are still in mourning over the overturning of Roe v. Wade, that decision has given them a vehicle to keep themselves ginned up, telling their fellow lefties that the Court’s “attack” on abortion is just the beginning.

A recent piece at Politico hints that the conservative court could take aim at affirmative action next, which is presented as a bad thing. 

A Quick Review
As the left’s new villain and noted “black white supremacist”Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginny head out on the road in their RV at the close of the current Court session, Politico laments the Supreme Court cases that have just not gone their way this session.

The Court upheld such nightmarish issues as Americans protecting themselves with a lawfully purchased firearm. They rejected religious discrimination for school funding, and in the same vein, ruled that public school employees like football coaches in fact do have the right to pray after a football game.

Arguably one of the worst, because we wouldn’t want the idea that you can pray to get around. They also ruled that people in two states can draw lines for congressional districts that don’t just benefit one group of people, but all the people who live in that district. Isn’t the left all about “equity?” Clearly, certain criteria apply.

Rick Hasen is a Law Professor at the University of California at Irvine. He did not sugar coat it for the left.

“What the court did just on abortion, guns and congressional power in the last eight days—that alone is momentous [but] if these justices stay together over the next few years, I don’t even think the first shoe has dropped. There’s so much more the Supreme Court could do to change American society.”

With statements like that, here’s to hoping the Justices vote to go on one of those corporate retreats where you go to the woods and do exercises like having to close your eyes and fall backwards and trust that your colleagues will catch you. You know, so they can bond. Read the full article HERE.

By BECKY NOBLE | The Political Insider

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