DC Mayor Declares Public Emergency In Response To Busloads of Immigrants Sent From Texas, Arizona

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on Thursday declared a public emergency as Arizona and Texas continue to send busses carrying illegal immigrants into the city.

Bowser blamed the “growing humanitarian crisis” not on the administration for allowing illegal immigrants to cross the southern border, but on Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey – the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona respectively – for daring to transport them to D.C.

CNN reports that Abbott has now sent more than 190 busses carrying 7,900 illegal immigrants to D.C. alone, while other busses have gone to New York City and Chicago.

They are all blue cities that have declared themselves to be a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants.

“We are staying true to our D.C. values and building a system that will support a compassionate, consistent, and well-coordinated response,” Bowser said in a statementregarding the state of emergency.

She has called the effort by Arizona and Texas a “political stunt.”

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