CNN’s Trump Taxes Hot Take Aged Like a Turd in the Sun

After years of breathless predictions regarding what they would include, we were instead treated to a guy who legally did his taxes. To say that disappointed a media that is otherwise desperately trying to spin this into something it’s not is an understatement.

CNN, who are now pretending legally filing taxes is a scandal, isn’t known for producing high quality journalistic content, and there old takes are now coming back into view. 

It wasn’t just CNN though. That supposition has been the mainstay of every single moment of consternation among media members in demanding Trump’s taxes. Rachel Maddow has created a cottage industry out of speculating that the Russians have blackmail material on the President and that his taxes would reveal vast debts that compromise him.

But that’s not what the Times revealed at all. There are no connections to Russians including in Trump’s taxes. There’s also no indication of any illegal activity at all. All they show is that Trump is smart enough to not pay taxes he doesn’t owe. In fact, the President has never been shy about the fact that he’s lost money running for president and while being president. That he’d take losses and not pay income taxes on income he didn’t make isn’t surprising at all. Its certainly not a scandal.


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