Canada Imprisoning ‘Uncooperative’ Citizens At Secret COVID-19 Facility, Report Says

Dr. Jacques Girard, head of the Quebec City public health authority, said in a recent press conference that after bar patrons left the premises before they got results of on-the-spot COVID-19 tests, that “led to them being taken and forcibly placed into isolation by the state,” RAIR Foundation reported.

“[W]e may isolate someone for 14 days,” Girard said during the press conference. “And it is what we did this morning … forced a person to cooperate with the investigation.”

Girard explains that if a person is told to stay in isolation, public health officials have the right to go to their home to make sure they comply. If not, the state can pick them up and force them to comply.

“Because we have had people isolated at home. And then, we saw the person was not at home. So, we went to their home, and then told them, we are isolating you where we want you to be.”

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